CRISP Valuation Services


The Land Valuation Act (2010) Queensland provides the Valuer-General will make an annual valuation of all land in a local government area. This figure is then used by the Office of State Revenue to assess each landowners Land Tax (if applicable) as well as each local authority using this figure to assess your municipal rates. This is notice of valuation is normally issued toward the end of March each year and every Landowner has the right to object, provided it is properly made and the reasons for the objection are sound.

We provide a two staged fee here where we charge $500 (+ GST) to have a look at the new notice and do a quick assessment to see if there are grounds for objection, and then if it agreed an objection should be lodged, we can look after this for you for an additional fee which will be agreed upon at the time and this fee will depend largely on the time involved to prepare your objection submission (Statement of Position).